This page contains activities, assignments, readings, and resources for teaching and learning about copyright in world language education.


  • Students will apply fair use guidelines to determine whether or not various digital and print materials can legally be used in the classroom.
  • Students will explore copyright-safe sources for obtaining audio, images, text, and other media online.
  • Students will cite sources appropriately in PowerPoint presentations and other documents using APA format.
  • Students will claim professional credit and responsibility for their work using headers and footers on the documents and materials they create.
  • Students will generate ideas and materials for effectively teaching secondary students about copyright.


Video: A Fairy Use Tale



Copyright Chart (from Tech & Learning (PDF)



CyberbeeLogo.jpg - Interactive game with simple questions and answers about copyright


CopyrightFriendlyLogo.jpg - Links to a variety of websites with copyright-friendly images from Springfield Township High School's Virtual Library

FlickrCreativeCommonsLogo.png - Search for Flickr photos with Creative Commons licenses

ImagesToTeachLanguages.JPG - A Flickr group dedicated to collecting images for language teaching and learning

Pixabay.JPG - My favorite site for free, high quality, professional images (be sure to enable Safe Search)

PublicDomainPicturesLogo.JPG - A collection of photos in the public domain

RealiaProjectLogo.jpg - Royalty free images for classroom use from a variety of countries

FreeImagesLogo.jpg - Has lots of professional photos from Spanish-speaking countries--look for the terms of use--standard license means you can use it in your PowerPoints and etc. Sometimes you just need to notify the photographer (using the comments feature)


  • Arabic - General images related to Arabic culture







Multimedia (Audio & Video)

cc-mixter-logo.png - A Creative Commons project that lets you download, remix, and share music (including songs from popular artists)

CommunityVideoLogo.jpg - Community Video, an Internet Archive Project that allows you to download video for free (check the Creative Commons Licenses on each one to see if you can modify it)

FreesoundLogo.jpg - Free, copyright safe sounds (i.e., sound effects, not music)

JamendoLogo.png - Free, copyright safe music

MusopenLogo.jpg - Free classical music, searchable by composer, genre, form, instrument, performer, and period

OpenSourceFilmLogo.jpg - Wikipedia article with links to open source films

PlaylistLogo.jpg - Allows you to stream copyright safe music from your wiki or website in a pop-out player


László Harri Németh

FairUseRepositoryLogo.jpg - A collection of documents in the public domain

LibraryOfCongressLogo.jpg - Collections of primary source documents and multimedia materials from American history including ads, culture, literature, maps, music, etc.

LibrivoxLogo.jpg - Audiobooks in a variety of languages

ProjectGutenbergLogo.jpg - Free, downloadable e-books of texts in the public domain


Németh, László Harri. (2006, Mar. 12). Spanish handbook. Stock Xchng. Retrieved November 19, 2009, from Used under a standard Stock Xchng license. (Photographer notified and credited)