This page contains ideas, information, and materials for supporting students in studying for final exams in world language methods courses.

Can Dos

I have started a list of "Can Dos" for you here. I recommend that you see if you can finish crafting the list based on the Final Exam Study Guide. You should be able to do a LOT of things that you couldn't do when you started this class:


  • I can list the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and give an example of each one.
  • I can explain how the three modes of communication differ from one another.
  • I can explain what the cultural triangle is and why it is important.
  • I can give an example of a cultural product, practice, and perspective.
  • I can state at least 3 different ways a teacher can contextualize grammar and vocabulary.
  • I can list several pedagogically sound pre-, during, and post-reading activities.
  • I can use web 2.0 technologies to create instructional materials.
  • I can identify key components of professionalism and give an example of each.

Final Exam Study Guide

1) Create a study guide for the course. Hotlink each topic to related resources used to address the topic in class.

2) Here is a study guide to help you prepare for the final exam in Spanish Teaching Methods 2:

3) You will find a series of graphic organizers that students from another semester put together in preparation for finals on this page. You may wish to external image arrow-10x10.png them as tools to help you study.

Biliteracy in Dual Language Immersion

Rotation Review

1) Make a list of key topics covered during the course.
2) Put a different topic at the top of different blank pages of paper.
3) Seat students in a circle.
4) Give each student a different topic.
5) Students have 1-2 minutes to write what they can remember, then rotate topics.

Student-created Study Guides

1) Post a list of key topics covered during the course.
2) Each student signs up for a topic.
3) Students generate a one-page graphic organizer for their topic.
4) Graphic organizers should synthesize and "teach" key information.
5) Students post the graphic organizers on the wiki for their colleagues to download and use as study guides. (See examples on this page of another wiki.)