Making Methods Meaningful: Preparing Student Teachers to Become Professionally Engaged Practitioners

Presented by: Dr. Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University

ACTFL 2010, Boston, MA


Description: Come experience field-tested, interactive activities and templates designed to support student teachers in becoming professionally active teacher-leaders. Sample activities will demonstrate how to help student teachers develop a professional perspective; model best practices; negotiate professional communications, culture, and relationships; and mentor colleagues to catalyze professional change.

Content: Participants will participate in a rapid succession of eight, 5-minute, interactive activities designed to engage them in methods, materials, and techniques they can use with student teachers. This will be followed by a 10- to 15-minute discussion session during which they will share their own ideas.

Powerpoint Presentation:

Guiding Questions:

(1) Products: Producing Professional Products - What kinds of assignments might support teacher candidates in becoming critically reflective practitioners with the mentoring and leadership skills they need to catalyze professional change?

(2) Practices: Building Professional Skills - How can methods instructors assist teacher candidates in implementing best practices in world language teaching and learning?

(3) Perspectives: Seeing Oneself as a Professional - How can technology empower teacher candidates to develop professional perspectives and actively collaborate with colleagues in professional communities?


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